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ZOO LOGIC ? The obligation to be creative to save the atmosphere of our children

4 de novembro de 2009

Hey friends we will go to another visit to the Zoo but with new perpective: an animal perspective:

…In the monkeys’ cage, monkeys are playing in the jump ropes and branches of trees and begin to observe a group of human adults and children who are “behind bars” draws attention to them.

…children are playing with our friends  The Lungs:”Lunggy Right”, “Lunggy Left” and  a Heart named:” Hearty”!
“Lunggy Left” says: Hello, how are you?
Hearty says: I am fine.
Lunggy Right is enchanted seeing one banana’s piece and also answer he’s also fine.
One of monkeys, the youngest one, call the Lunggy Right’s attention about an unusual situation …- “Right” !

-“What is that? “

Right asks: “What?”
The baby monkey asked again:
“Right”, the adult human is on fire!

Zoo Logic?

-Help him! Help him! Says the little monkey so afraid and worrying about that strange and unsual situation!

As everybody knows, where there is smoke, there is fire!

Baby Monkey, Hearty, Right and Left shouted:
” -Call the Fire Department! Call the elephants and seals! ”

“-Help! Heeeellllpp! ”
Right and Left looked at where the “Baby monkey was pointing with all his ten fingers and one tail…
And in fact, it seemed that was a really true situation: an human adult was just putting smoke out of your mouth!
Oh no, says another monkey, the adult is also putting smoke into the mouth!!!

– “For the Veterinary’s sake!” said all the monkeys,together!

That situation also drew the attention of other zoo’s animals!

-You know about the perception sense of the animals…They simple know since they were little children what represent a danger, a hazard situation!
And what will they do when see a danger situation? They keep out the danger! The fire and smoke represent one of greatest dangers to the life!
Right, Left and Heartty understood what are happening.
And explains that it was a smoking situation…

Smoking constitutes a terrible menace to the life!
All animals moving their heads up and down showing absolutely concordance with them.
Lunggy Right calls a doctor named “Hakin” to explain that situation…
The Doctor “Hakin” was a medicine doctor.
And Doctor “Hakin” says: Childrrrennn!
“-In fact, both smoke and fire represent a hazard to our lives and also to our health!

Dr. Hakin:”-And,Childrrennn!”We MUST keep out of them!”

Dr Hakin continues:”-People could not smoking! The smoking air contains a substance called Nico, Nico, Nico, AtchIN!(The doctor sneezing!). Sorry, Childrrrennn! As I am saying, the smoking air contains NICOTINE!

The Little Elephant says: Oh no! Then, if an adult be smoking close to me could I become sick?
The Doctor “Hakin” says:- Unfortunately “yes”, Childrrrennn!
Little Elephant: -Oh, For veterinary’s sake! My little nose gonna be sick… SICK!
-I am feeling my nose will snooze because of that Nico, Nico, NICO ATCHIN !

Some Children says: – “Hey Right and Left & Hearty! We need start an Educational campaing against the tobacco smoking because it is a hazard thing to our Life, to our HEALTH and to the our atmosphere and the environment !
-We, the kids need as the animals take care of our Health and our Enviroment! Responsible Care!

Let’s create a Free Tobacco Zone in the Zoo!  Here, nobody likes smoke or fire ! This will protect the children and adults’ Health, and our friends Right, Left, Hearty !

The Little Monkey baby says: To this act let’s take a Great Yuupy Hurray!
-From that day on, the children and the animals stay away from secondhand smoking in a free smoking zoo. Then, the Zoo was named by everybody as the Zoo LOGIC !


Since December 2008 I have created a site called “PULMAO SA which in English means LUNG-SA : “Your atmosphere, Your Life!”
Disposable at:

The site’s slogan sums up my role in trying to protect the “real atmosphere of the people, or, in other words, the air that is inside of us make up our real atmosphere.

The SA of the name has the objective to draw attention to the goal of our mission of providing information to the sector 3 S:

State (Government), SA (companies) and schools (children and youth). Thus could be able to build a network of protection around the smoker that permit quit smoking and even do not start this dependence on cigarettes or tobacco products.

As children are my main focus, I created some characters with universal values to talk and tell stories about the dangers of tabacco.

I would like you to Invite everyone to know some of them in the little story above.

With All respect,

Dr. Marcos Nascimento,Md.
Chief Editor of
Respiratory Care Professor at college of Medicine of PUCPR

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