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Open Letter to Disney and ABC TV’s Editors

14 de fevereiro de 2010


Dear Disney and ABC TV Editors,

In response to one of your reports commenting on the profits of the fourth-quarter results of one Tobacco Industrie, before the stock market opens last Thursday, February, 12th, 2010, I have decided to write a letter of suggestion to editorial board of the family channels led by Disney, ABC and ESPN:
Talking about cigarette consuming in the world, the China is the jewel in the crown. You could say the single biggest marketing opportunity in the world is to sell cigarettes to Chinese women(1)….because there is a paternalistic society there, and tobacco industry is aware of it, they are there to expand their horizons.
The Industries are targeting the increases in female and also children smoking rates, especially in developing countries as the BRICS, Brazil, Russian Republic, India and as said above, China.
The main family TV channels as ABC, ESPN and also Disney Channels must get involved with it.
The USA is one of top 5 cigarette consumer in the World and the evidence’s data are not good: Each year, more men and women in the United States die from lung cancer than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.
ABC could be a leader in protect children and their future.

Where the Dreams Come True

At the end of all performances of the Magic Kingdom music suggests that everyone make a wish.
And that everything is possible in the land where dreams come true.
Then, Mr. Robert  Iger:

My wish is just this: That Disney gives a great example to all children of the world and ban this great and real  children’s enemy :the tobacco of   its parks.

I am trying to produce a cartoon to talk about the dangers of Tobacco for children all over the world and I have created some characters with universal values to do it.
I would like to invite you to read the children’s story named “Zoo Logic?” at


I will end this short letter with the words and the light of Mr. Walter Elias Disney:
“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”
Best Regards and Health,
Dr. Marcos Nascimento,Md.
Pulmonology and Respiratory Care Professor at PUCPR College of Medicine-Curitiba-Brazil
Chief Editor of  website PULMAOSA-Lungs, Your Atmosphere, Your Life®



1. Mr. Jef Colin, in a lecturer about international Public Policy at Edinburgh University,2006

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