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Save Money: Live Better &… Healthy!

13 de fevereiro de 2011

Save Money: Live Better

Save Money: Live Better & …Healthy!

Since 2009 the Wal-Mart has changed its slogan to Save Money: Live Better.
Of the countless dilemmas facing society in the 21st century, tobacco issues may well top the list for urgency, scale, and potential devastation. And not only because of health issues, but also because it is responsible by environmental and economic costs.

Cigarettes are responsible for approximately 443,000 deaths—one in every five deaths—each year in the United States. The chronic diseases caused by tobacco use lead the causes of death and disability in the United States and unnecessarily strain our health care system. The economic burden of cigarette use includes more than $193 billion annually in health care costs and loss of productivity.(1)

Given that tobacco smoking is considered by World Health Organization the number one preventable cause of death(2), and Wal-Mart is probably the number one cigarette selling retail in USA. Is it really appropriate to ask the Supermarket company should examine its necessity to sell this product? The answer, is a resounding YES!

An resounding yes to give example and offer a better health to all consumers;
An resounding YES to decrease LUNG cancer, COPD,Cardiac diseases & 50 other diseases;
An resounding yes to be according to Wal-Mart Code of Ethics;
An Resounding yes to be among the best ranking companies in Social Responsibility Index (SRI) of NYSE and feedback value to its investors.
And an resounding yes to associate “Save Money – Liver Better” with Health, in a lesson of Corporative Citizenship.


* (1). CDC: Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention

* (2). World Health Organization (WHO): Tobbaco Free Iniciative.

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