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Increased ICU risk in Children Exposed to Passive Smoking

4 de maio de 2011

Smoking Arround Child: Double Risk

Increased ICU risk in Children Exposed to Passive Smoking

Denver (PULMAOSANEWS) During the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, on this Tuesday, May 3 in Denver, USA, a study was released about the effect of passive smoking in children. The study revealed that children exposed to secondhand smoke when get flu are more likely to be hospitalized in intensive care units, and are more prone to the use of invasive ventilation.

The study was conducted at Medical Center in Rochester University (NY), where researchers analyzed 91 charts of children admitted between 2002 and 2009. Of these, 30% had history of having household exposure to secondhand smoke.

The analysis of prognosis among children exposed to passive smoking in children with avian flu versus no exposure, revealed that:

  1. When hospitalized for flu, children exposed to passive smoking reported more time spent in hospital;
  2. They were more likely to require treatment in intensive care units (31% vs. 9%), and required more invasive ventilation – intubation (19% vs. 2%).
    1. After controlling for underlying conditions such as bronchial asthma, the risk of ICU stay found for children exposed to passive smoking was five times higher, and the chance of needing invasive ventilation was 11 times higher than children not exposed.

The PULMAOSA Editor-in-chief Dr. Marcos Nascimento draws attention to the fact that the study indicate that “passive smoking in addition to exerting high impact on morbidity and mortality of influenza, raising the costs of hospitalizations and the need of parents obey clear rules such as not smoking at home or inside their own car and also that they should seek medical treatment and support to stop smoking. ”

“Once there is greater risk to the children exposed, it would be prudent recommendation the influenza vaccine to protect them against the flu.” So, the above study is therefore an excellent tool for managers of both public policy and private health plans, “adds Dr. Nascimento.


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