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North Carolina asks your help to save its Tobacco Prevention Program

16 de maio de 2011

North Carolina asks Your Help

North Carolina Asks Your Help

North Carolina House developed a budget that Abolishes Health and Wellness Trust Fund of NC and that means that the TRU (Tobacco Realisty Unifiltered) teen prevention program goes too. The budget cut was passed in the House of parliament and was sent to State Senate to receive approval or be denied.

These cuts may appear to have economic justification. But a cut of this magnitude only worsened the scenario with increased incidence of cardiovascular, respiratory and oncology diseases, which in turn will impact negatively the state budget.

Like a Hurricane this is an attack on the North Carolina Public Health and a dangerous bias for the other American States.

NC needs National and international support to resist such pressure. The PULMAOSA supports the below Petition from TRU Movement Campaign directed to the NC Senate, so that not give the pressures mentioned above, on the risk of threat to public health not only for NC but worldwide.

You can help to protect the public health in North Carolina by signing the petition to the NC Governor and the Members of the State Senate. It is a simple manner to remember the North Carolina representatives’main mission: to protect its citizens life.

Thank you!


Last week HB200 (the 2011 Budget Proposal) passed the NC House and was sent to the Senate.  It is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  This budget propsal intends to ELIMINATE the Health and Wellness Trust Fund(HWTF), the agency that funds the Tobacco Reality Unfiltered (TRU) Youth program, as of this December.  Legislators plan to use this funding to fund other programs, while ignoring the huge tobacco toll in North Carolina. Over 200 people will lose their jobs and thousands of NC citizens will lose much needed resources.

The Health and Wellness Trust Fund was established with Tobacco Settlement funds (not taxpayer dollars) and was intended to help states address the health and financial toll of tobacco.  The North Carolina General Assembly established the HWTF to protect those funds and use them as intended for health purposes, and tobacco prevention and cessation in particular. Eliminating the Health and Wellness Trust Fund would be against the original purpose of the Master Settlement Agreement–  leaving North Carolinians without access to tobacco prevention and cessation resources.

Abolishing the HWTF will halt the significant success HWTF programs have seen in the areas of tobacco prevention and cessation and the success they hope to replicate in the area of obesity prevention. Both issues are the most critical and pressing health issues facing North Carolina’s youth today as the top two preventable causes of death.  Since 2003, when the HWTF began funding teen tobacco use prevention and cessation efforts (including local programs and an evidence-based, highly effective media campaign), North Carolina has seen the following health benefits: 

  • There are 53,000 fewer youth smokers than in 2003 when HWTF tobacco prevention programs began.
    • The middle school smoking rate in North Carolina has been cut by more than half since HWTF efforts began (from 9.3% to 4.3%), and the high school smoking rate has dropped by a third (from 27.3% to16.7%). (Data based on North Carolina Youth Tobacco Survey, 2009);
    • These are the lowest rates ever recorded in our state’s history.
  • Thanks to the efforts of the HWTF, over 28,000 people enrolled in QuitlineNC- the ONLY free cessation resource for smokers in the entire state.

For every $1 that HWTF invested in its programs, approximately $2.54 is generated in financial benefits for our State.


CLICK: to contact your representatives!!!

OR give them a CALL:  
Calling a politician isn’t as scary as it might seem; besides you’ll probably either talk with an aide or leave a message.  No sweat, right?  Politicians care about their voting public and just a few people voicing their concerns has been known to sway their vote. Need Talking Points? Click HERE!

  • Senator Peter Brunstetter, co-chairman
    (336) 747-6604
  • Senator Neal Hunt, co-chairman
    (919) 781-3464
  • Senator Richard Stevens, co-chairman
    (919) 851-0228
  • Senator Tom Apodaca, vice chairman
    (828) 696-0574
  • Senator Linda Garrou, vice chairman
    (919) 733-5620
  • Martin Nesbitt (Senate Democratic Leader)
    (919) 715-3001
  • Harry Brown, Senate Majority Leader
    (919) 715-3034

OR “Like” your Senators on Facebook…and let them know what you think.
Politicians check their Facebook!  Share your comments, facts, and even pictures with your local policymakers and get your opinions heard.

Senator Tom Apodaca:!/pages/Senator-Tom-Apodaca/225469290135

If you submit your email, we may contact you with updates from the Save the TRU Movement Campaign.

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