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The possibility of a Flu universal Vaccin

31 de julho de 2011

Universal Flu Vaccin

The Possibility of a Flu Universal Vaccin is real


(PULMAOSANEWS)-  A group of British and Swiss Researchers have found a flu “super antibody” from a human patient which neutralizes the main groups of influenza A viruses. This new  antibody discovery called FI6 could be able to fight all types of influenza A viruses that cause disease in humans and animals.

This discovery may be a turning point in the development of new flu treatments as a universal vaccin to fight flu.

The PULMAOSA advisor Physician Dr. Marcos Nascimento explained that when someone is infected with the flu virus, the antibodies target the virus’ hemagglutinin protein. But  because there are 16 different types of hemagglutinin protein, new vaccines are necessary to be made each year to fight these strains which matches all year. “So, if  the labs could develop just  only antibody which targets all known subtypes of the influenza A virus, as the FI6 mentioned above, it will represent an important step toward a universal flu vaccin,” adds Dr. Nascimento.


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