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Education is the key for Noncommunicable Diseases

16 de setembro de 2011

UN Summit on NCD

Education is the key for Noncommunicable Diseases

Next week in New York at the United Nations General Assembly on 19-20 September, there will be a meeting with its 193 member states to discuss the non-communicating Diseases( NCDs).
The meeting will focus on four major NCDs: Chronic Respiratory disease ( as COPD, Asthma, etc.), Cancer, Diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases – Since the WHO recommends that these are the leading causes of mortality in 2030.

Smoking and NCDs:

As smoking causes at least 52 diseases and is the genesis of at least three of these major NCDs, strategies for tobacco control must go beyond the mere question of treatment. In didactic terms we can explain the importance of tobacco through the following mathematical formula:

Smoking= COPD + plus

In other words, smoking is a generator of Cardiac, Oncology Pulmonary Diseases, and Pediatric disease.
Thus, the targeting strategy against smoking must undoubtedly go through the education of all involved in this issue: health professionals, the general public and also the managers of private and public health.

One such way would be to speak the language of children through the use of games and apps, as suggested by the PULMAOSA Medical Editor, Dr. Marcos Nascimento’s kids story named “Zoo Logic?” that could be easily adapted to an application for use in mobile and serve as a tool to educate children and their parents through schools worldwide against tobacco evils.

You also can participate in tobacco control and Unite in the fight against NCDs:

Send a request  as a BAT SIGNAL to your country’s UN representative  to meet the standards for tobacco control suggested by the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, a WHO treaty to safeguard your life. And make a better 2030 for all of us!

E-mail Representative of USA to the UN:

UN Representative for USA
Name: Susan E. HE Rice

Other countries click here UN Representatives

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