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What to expect from Your ambassador at the UN? “Common Sense, Common Safety”

18 de setembro de 2011


What to expect from Your ambassador at the UN?

(PULMAOSANEWS) – As PULMAOSA already discussed, on 19-20 September 2011 will take place at United Nations conference on the Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
According to World Health Organization (WHO) NCDs are among the leading causes of death in 2030. It would therefore be reasonable for countries to participate in this conference to act in the public interest defending World eg tobacco control, as this is the major cause of NCDs.

What is the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control?
It is an international treaty, in which signatory countries (States Parties) agree to undertake efforts to achieve targets for tobacco control, to protect human life.

What are the measures proposed by the FCTC?

• Reduce the supply of tobacco products, such as: elimination of smuggling, protect children and youth access to tobacco;
• Protecting human health and the environment;
• Reduce the demand for tobacco;
• Protection from exposure to tobacco smoke indoors;
• Regulate the marketing of tobacco industry
• Promotion of programs to treat nicotine addiction.

In other words, the FCTC is intended to protect life.
Watch the video below and understand that the Framework Convention aims to promote: Security!

What to expect then the ambassador of his country at the UN?

The least we can hope for would be Common Sense and respect for human life!
Send an e-mail to U.S. Ambassador or your country’s Ambassador  and require respect for the FCTC. So, world will have “Common Sense and Common Safety!”

E-mail Representative of USA to the UN:

UN Representative for USA
Name: Susan E. HE Rice

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