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Active Smoking: An Evil Recipe!

23 de setembro de 2011

Smoking: an Evil Recipe!

Active Smoking: An Evil Recipe!

We invite you to an exercise of imagination to make it through the meanings and risks involved in smoking. If we were to replicate the creation of a cigarette as we carry out a recipe, we would get more than 4,000 chemicals. Of these, about 2,000, is already “natural” in the tobacco leaf itself, and another 2,000 are produced spontaneously from the combustion product.

Other ingredients are “gently” associated with the product by the manufacturers to have you as a customer for life! Products are associated with taste and which prints out a label attached to each brand.
Like cake recipe, these ingredients separately, give generous portions of:

  • Arsenic, used also as a pesticide against ants and rat poison. For moviegoers, it is worth remembering that this poison used in the movie “The Name of the Rose Writer Umberto Eco, to kill people was leafing through the books, guess what: Arsenic!
  • Benzene, gasoline-derived compound, which can cause leukemia;
  • Portions of poisonous gases are also added without concern, such as carbon monoxide (eliminated by discharges of cars),
  • ammonia (used as fertilizer and present in many cleaning products);
  • Toluene (TNT’s raw material, commonly known as dynamite), Beyond butane and hydrogen cyanide, the latter, a radioactive element, and therefore carcinogenic.

There is also, among other carcinogens, a substance involved in the recent murder by agents of the KGB, an ingredient called Polonium 210, also radioactive and carcinogenic.

Metals such as cadmium (a corrosive that should come with a warning that can cause burns and cancer, and when inhaled can damage teeth and lungs), and lead, which accumulates in bones and affects various physiological systems, such as central nervous system , the reproductive system, muscles and blood, being a cause of colic, cardiac dysfunction, mood swings, and kidney damage as well as in fetal development.

Nicotine, like the icing on the cake, serves as a magnet to attract and retain consumers and customers will be given its addictive potential.

So there’s this recipe hundreds of toxins and carcinogens that can cause your body to multiple organ failure and put their lives and their families at risk.
Now, look around and realize: how much smoke around you? And on your way to work? And in the workplace? At school or university? At lunch? On the way home and its output to restaurants, clubs and discos as indoors? It looks pretty?

The World Health Organization (WHO), agrees!

The WHO states that there are no safe levels of nicotine as a drug is more lethal than marijuana and more easily addictive than heroin.

WHO projections estimate that a tobacco-related disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is the third leading cause of death in 2030. Recent work (1) estimates that the number of deaths related to tobacco in developed countries will increase from 5 million (2000 data) to 7 million, an optimistic scenario and 10 million in a pessimistic scenario in 2030.

These data explain why we need more control on tobacco: Instituting open environments both indoors as Tobacco-Free, approving the Bill 315/2008, regulating the retail outlets and not allowing sale of single cigarettes to minors, nor old.

See Open Letter to Congress (Portuguese Article) and to mobilize to ensure the increase in cigarette prices in Brazil

After this initial scenario that invokes the principle surprising and information that could be part of a terrorist script, but unfortunately it only reflects the reality about the exposure to active smoking (secondhand smoke is covered in another section of the site), responsible for various diseases non-cancerous, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), expressed by chronic bronchitis and emphysema, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, cataracts, stroke, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, among others.
Among the cancers we are cancer of the lung, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, uterus, bladder and ureter in addition to leukemia.
As noted above, “it may seem astonishing how large is the number of diseases associated with smoking, but the most surprising is the large number of people who still did not know them,” explains Dr. MArcos Nascimento, PULMAOSA’s MD. Consultant.

2) And our goal is to make it public in order to safeguard their well is greater than their lives and their families. Another goal is to make you believe in the possibility of quitting, and educating employees to carry out this desire.

After all, safeguard your real atmosphere (Lungs) is the mission “si ne qua non” of  PULMAOSA!


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