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Do not Neglect Kids anyway: Stop Smoking!

12 de outubro de 2011

Do not Neglect Kids anyway: Stop Smoking!

The PULMAOSA has dedicated a selection of articles aimed at protecting the respiratory health and in particular has a dedicated space for children and young people. Thus articles and propositions as “Zoo Logic?”“Open Letter to Disney” “Marketing Tactics of Big Tobacco,” ” Hey Kids say no to Cigarettes” and others can be accessed on our website.

This week we are celebrating Children’s Day in Brazil and we have received with much celebration the news from a city of Parana – Brazil, Cornelio Procopio, that by city ordinance prohibited the display of cigarettes in retail outlets, a pioneering step and similar to the Bat signal sent by Australia recently. A true gift for the children’s day to all of us who care about public health.

However, there is a pressing need for adjustment of Federal legislation and there is still much to be done to protect children and young people in Brazil and worldwide.

But it is necessary to participate as a citizen to change things for the better. Join and write to the Federal Senate in Brazil or the United States Senate and request change of attitude of your representatives.

The video below in English presents a strong message and says that unfortunately children do not have superpowers to face any kind of neglect and abuse against them. But YOU HAVE!

Stop Neglecting children! Help children to live free from any form of abuse and family violence. Stop Smoking!


AUSTRALIAN Childhood Foundation

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