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Uruguay’s Public Health Measures provokes the Philip Morris shutout

23 de outubro de 2011

Uruguay prohibits indoor smoking

Uruguay Public Health Measures provokes the Philip Morris shutout

Philip Morris International  (PM),  the world’s largest publicly traded tobacco company, said in this fryday (10 20/2011), it will close an industrial plant in Montevideo, Uruguay,.

Uruguay ban smoking indoors

Since 2006, Uruguay  in a courageus measure became the first Latin American country and the fifth country in the world to ban smoking indoors in order to protect the public health from the three forms of smoking: The active smoking, the secondhand smoking and tertiary smoking.

Not viable operation

“The wide availability and presence of illegal products on the market, combined with reduced demand and regulatory and fiscal measures that limit the ability to market our products profitably, have meant that the operation is not viable,” and the process will  affect about 62 employees. the company said in an e-mailed statement in the last friday.

The PulmaoSA agrees that the operation is really not viable, mainly when puts public health in risk. The tobacco evil marketing should be regulamented for other countries in respect for the citizens’ right to life that should follow the Uruguay ( and also Australia Government) examples.




United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 3rd article: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”

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