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Another loss to #tobacco. How many more? Former @president_lula is with #larynx cancer.

29 de outubro de 2011

Larynx Cancer

Another loss to #tobacco. How many more? Former @president_lula is with #larynx cancer

The Former Brazil’s president Lula was diagnosed earlier on Saturday with a tumor in the larynx and will undergo chemotherapy in the coming days.

Larynx Cancer

The larynx cancer is one of the most common to hit the head and neck, representing about 25% of malignant tumors that affect this area and 2% of all malignancies. Approximately two thirds of these tumors arise in the true vocal cord and 1/3 affects the supraglottic larynx (ie, located above the vocal cords).

Tobacco Link

There is a clear association between alcohol abuse and addiction to smoking, with the development of cancer in larynx. Smoking is the major risk factor for the development of laryngeal cancer. When excessive intake of alcohol is added to the smoke, the risk increases for supraglottic cancer. Patients with laryngeal cancer who continue to smoke and drink have decreased likelihood of cure and increased risk of developing a second primary tumor in the head and neck.


There are three treatment modalities:

  • Surgery (laryngectomy);
  • Chemotherapy (treatment of choice for the former president);
  • Radiotherapy.

According to the location and stage of cancer, it can be treated with surgery and / or radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy, with a series of surgical procedures available according to the characteristics of the case and the patient.


The former president complained of sore throat and hoarseness presented, both for warning symptoms of laryngeal cancer and for lung cancer. He was submitted for a surgery for a biopsy of the tumor found in his larynx. Identified in the initial stage, the tumor is between 2 and 3 cm and is considered of medium size. The Ex president Lula will go through three cycles of chemotherapy, the first starting on Monday, 31. The cycles occur at intervals of 20 days. The treatment should last three months.

@PulmaoSA sincerely wishes a speedy recovery for the former president Lula. Go ahead Lula!


The @PulmaoSA warning that any form of tobacco smoking as cigarettes are potential deadly. Please, do not smoking for the security of your family and also yours. If you are smoking, look for your physician and for a pulmonologist help. They will help you to quit smoking.



INCA – Brazil National Cancer Institute

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