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Tips to Increase COPD Survival

1 de novembro de 2011

World COPD day is Everyday

World COPD day is Every day!

Tips to Increase COPD Survival

Marcos Nascimento, PUCPR Professor

The most important measures to increase COPD survival- (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), popularly known as chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema – must to be remembered both by physicians and also by the patients are that which decrease the COPD mortality and reduce its morbididy. The two comproved measures are Smoking Cessation and Home oxigen therapy.

Here are the Tips to increase COPD survival:

  • Smoking Cessation!
  • Home O2 suplemmentation for COPD patients with pO2 lesser or ecqual to 55% or COPD patients with Cor pulmonale and  pO2 lesser or ecqual 59%; ( Oxymetry lesser than 88%);
  • Desaturate with Exercise;
  • Vaccines:
  • Influenza vaccine yearly;
  • Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumo-23) at each 5 year.

Some other Recommendations for Physicians:

For patients who have clinical manifestations  of advanced COPD with obstruction confirmed by spirometry:

  1. It should promote education of the COPD since the first visit;
  2. Provide information about signs and symptoms of exacerbation and the need for early treatment;
  3. Smoking cessation is the most important element in the management of this disease and should be talked at each visit until the patient stops smoking.
  4. Patients should be treated with long acting β2 agonists and inhaled anticholinergic agents or inhaled corticosteroids:
    Combining treatment in severe COPD!
  5. Use short-acting β2 only for rescue!
  6. Even if symptoms do not subside, the patient should continue treatment using because there is reduced risk of severe exacerbation with medications;
  7. If the patient has SatO2 <88% – prescribe oxygen at least 18 hours a day;
  8. Always explain how to use inhalers.
  9. Influenza vaccine every autumn;
  10. Anti-pneumococcal vaccine according to directions.
  11. Pulmonary rehabilitation should be considered.
  12. Evaluate the COPD phenotype and if chronic bronchitis patient is with frequent exacerbations consider a phosphodiesterase inhibitor -4



SBPT-Brazilian Thoracic Soceity

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