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A hope toward tuberculosis treatment

9 de março de 2013 Comentários desligados

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Since 1970 when rifampin was first introduced it was great measure for tuberculosis treatment because the drug reduced the time on treatment from 18 months to 6 months. However the 10 mg/kg dose was an arbitrary choice, probably determined by drug costs.
This week an abstract presented in a conference about opportunistic infections from a South African researcher group signalizes that higher doses rifampin seems safe to treat tuberculosis (levels 3 ½ times the approved 10 mg/kg dose) and gives a suggestion and a hope that we can affect a cure with a shorter duration of treatment.



2. Boeree M, et al “Paper #148LB: What Is the “right” dose of rifampin?” 20th conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections” CROI 2013: Abstract 128.

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