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Brain metastasis from Lung cancer

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Lung Cancer</

20120418-090726 PM.jpg
Magnetic Ressonance Imaging (MRI) of cancer spread from the lungs to the brain ( orange round images).
Remember that more than 98% of lung cancers are linked with tobacco smoking, and the best way to prevent it is do not smoking!
At this stage (brain metastasis), the disease is inoperable and fatal.

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What MDs and Nurse Practioners Need to know About Lung Cancer

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What MDs and Nurse Practioners Need to know About Lung Cancer

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City of Paraná Brazil prohibits exposure of cigarettes at points of sale

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Parana- Brazil

City of Paraná-Brazil prohibits exposure of cigarettes at points of sale

The City of Cornelio Procopio (398 km from Curitiba – Parana’s capital), signed the law that forbids the display of cigarette packs and other products in commercial establishments in the city. The ban is unprecedented in the country.
The trade has until the end of October to suit the new law. Failure to comply will result, initially, to a fine of R $ 201.28. In case of recidivism, the penalty will be multiplied, the establishment may have the license suspension and even have the license revoked permanently.

According to PULMAOSA’s Medical Editor ,Dr. Marcos Nascimento, the measure is on according to Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, an International treaty from World Health Organization and signed by Brazil and represents for the first time the sorting of the legislation to the wild marketing of  tobacco industry whose exposure in retail outlets along with chocolates, candies and magazines stimulates consumption by youth and children.



Active Smoking: An Evil Recipe!

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Smoking: an Evil Recipe!

Active Smoking: An Evil Recipe!

We invite you to an exercise of imagination to make it through the meanings and risks involved in smoking. If we were to replicate the creation of a cigarette as we carry out a recipe, we would get more than 4,000 chemicals. Of these, about 2,000, is already “natural” in the tobacco leaf itself, and another 2,000 are produced spontaneously from the combustion product.

Other ingredients are “gently” associated with the product by the manufacturers to have you as a customer for life! Products are associated with taste and which prints out a label attached to each brand.
Like cake recipe, these ingredients separately, give generous portions of:

  • Arsenic, used also as a pesticide against ants and rat poison. For moviegoers, it is worth remembering that this poison used in the movie “The Name of the Rose Writer Umberto Eco, to kill people was leafing through the books, guess what: Arsenic!
  • Benzene, gasoline-derived compound, which can cause leukemia;
  • Portions of poisonous gases are also added without concern, such as carbon monoxide (eliminated by discharges of cars),
  • ammonia (used as fertilizer and present in many cleaning products);
  • Toluene (TNT’s raw material, commonly known as dynamite), Beyond butane and hydrogen cyanide, the latter, a radioactive element, and therefore carcinogenic.

There is also, among other carcinogens, a substance involved in the recent murder by agents of the KGB, an ingredient called Polonium 210, also radioactive and carcinogenic.

Metals such as cadmium (a corrosive that should come with a warning that can cause burns and cancer, and when inhaled can damage teeth and lungs), and lead, which accumulates in bones and affects various physiological systems, such as central nervous system , the reproductive system, muscles and blood, being a cause of colic, cardiac dysfunction, mood swings, and kidney damage as well as in fetal development.

Nicotine, like the icing on the cake, serves as a magnet to attract and retain consumers and customers will be given its addictive potential.

So there’s this recipe hundreds of toxins and carcinogens that can cause your body to multiple organ failure and put their lives and their families at risk.
Now, look around and realize: how much smoke around you? And on your way to work? And in the workplace? At school or university? At lunch? On the way home and its output to restaurants, clubs and discos as indoors? It looks pretty?

The World Health Organization (WHO), agrees!

The WHO states that there are no safe levels of nicotine as a drug is more lethal than marijuana and more easily addictive than heroin.

WHO projections estimate that a tobacco-related disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is the third leading cause of death in 2030. Recent work (1) estimates that the number of deaths related to tobacco in developed countries will increase from 5 million (2000 data) to 7 million, an optimistic scenario and 10 million in a pessimistic scenario in 2030.

These data explain why we need more control on tobacco: Instituting open environments both indoors as Tobacco-Free, approving the Bill 315/2008, regulating the retail outlets and not allowing sale of single cigarettes to minors, nor old.

See Open Letter to Congress (Portuguese Article) and to mobilize to ensure the increase in cigarette prices in Brazil

After this initial scenario that invokes the principle surprising and information that could be part of a terrorist script, but unfortunately it only reflects the reality about the exposure to active smoking (secondhand smoke is covered in another section of the site), responsible for various diseases non-cancerous, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), expressed by chronic bronchitis and emphysema, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, cataracts, stroke, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, among others.
Among the cancers we are cancer of the lung, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, uterus, bladder and ureter in addition to leukemia.
As noted above, “it may seem astonishing how large is the number of diseases associated with smoking, but the most surprising is the large number of people who still did not know them,” explains Dr. MArcos Nascimento, PULMAOSA’s MD. Consultant.

2) And our goal is to make it public in order to safeguard their well is greater than their lives and their families. Another goal is to make you believe in the possibility of quitting, and educating employees to carry out this desire.

After all, safeguard your real atmosphere (Lungs) is the mission “si ne qua non” of  PULMAOSA!


1.Mathers, C.D., Loncar, D, 2006;
2.Sir Richard Doll;
3.PULMÃO SA: Your Atmosphere, Your Life!®

What to expect from Your ambassador at the UN? “Common Sense, Common Safety”

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What to expect from Your ambassador at the UN?

(PULMAOSANEWS) – As PULMAOSA already discussed, on 19-20 September 2011 will take place at United Nations conference on the Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
According to World Health Organization (WHO) NCDs are among the leading causes of death in 2030. It would therefore be reasonable for countries to participate in this conference to act in the public interest defending World eg tobacco control, as this is the major cause of NCDs.

What is the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control?
It is an international treaty, in which signatory countries (States Parties) agree to undertake efforts to achieve targets for tobacco control, to protect human life.

What are the measures proposed by the FCTC?

• Reduce the supply of tobacco products, such as: elimination of smuggling, protect children and youth access to tobacco;
• Protecting human health and the environment;
• Reduce the demand for tobacco;
• Protection from exposure to tobacco smoke indoors;
• Regulate the marketing of tobacco industry
• Promotion of programs to treat nicotine addiction.

In other words, the FCTC is intended to protect life.
Watch the video below and understand that the Framework Convention aims to promote: Security!

What to expect then the ambassador of his country at the UN?

The least we can hope for would be Common Sense and respect for human life!
Send an e-mail to U.S. Ambassador or your country’s Ambassador  and require respect for the FCTC. So, world will have “Common Sense and Common Safety!”

E-mail Representative of USA to the UN:

UN Representative for USA
Name: Susan E. HE Rice

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 (PULMAOSANEWS) Em reunião da Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC) esta semana, em Genebra na Suíça, o Governo da Austrália expressou opinião favorável a adoção de embalagens genéricas/ simples para os maços de cigarros do país, que passariam a ser comercializados sem rótulos de marcas ou cores,  constando apenas com a identificação do produto, sua quantidade e seu fabricante.

Esta medida visa proteger a Saúde Pública, e obedece a determinação da Convenção Quadro para Controle do Tabaco, tratado da OMS.

A posição da Austrália para embalagens de cigarro genéricas provocou críticas do representante da República Dominicana, que argumentou  que tal medida  poderia provocar desemprego e quebra dos agricultores da cultura do tabaco,  recebendo apoio de Honduras, Nicarágua, Ucrânia, Filipinas, Zâmbia, México, Cuba e Equador.

O representante da República Dominicana também  declarou que a medida de embalagens simples era contra o direito do livre comercio apregoado pela OMC. E não reconheceu o direito dos países de proteger a Saúde Pública.

Indiferente a estes argumentos, a Nova Zelândia, o Uruguai e a Noruega, apoiaram a decisão da Austrália, e expressaram-se amplamente a favor do movimento. O Ministro do Comércio Australiano o Sr. Craig Emerson defendeu a posição  do seu governo em face dos protestos na OMC delarando:”A legislação do governo da Primeira Ministra  Gillard para embalagem simples não é” anti-comércio”, é anti-câncer !’ ”Vai de encontro ao interesse da saúde pública do povo Australiano, e o governo Gillard nunca vai desistir do direito soberano da Austrália para decisões que dizem respeito a saúde de seu povo.”

Conceito de Homem Público:

Homem Público significa, nos Estados Democráticos de Direito, aquele que representa o cidadão e deve pautar sua vida pela transparência. Um dos pilares do sistema democrático é a transparência. Então, para o homem público, o interesse privado não pode jamais se sobrepor ao interesse público.


 O Ministro do Comércio Australiano conseguiu nos dar em poucas palavras o significado de Homem Público de maneira exemplar. A Austrália se tornará o primeiro país a introduzir embalagens genéricas para os cigarros.

Tal qual um “Bat sinal,” nos deu uma sinalização de idoneidade, ou como dizem os americanos: uma espécie de “ bill de indenidade,” em favor sim, dos australianos… Mas, que  felizmente respinga em todos nós!



Australian News



(PULMAOSANEWS) At a meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) this week in Geneva, Switzerland, the Government of Australia expressed a favorable opinion adopting simple plain packaging for cigarette packs in the country, which would then be sold without labels or color marks, only appear with the product ID, quantity and the manufacturer.

This measure aims to protect public health and complies with the determination of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, WHO treaty.

The position of Australia to the simple cigarette packs provoked criticism from the representative of the Dominican Republic, who argued that this could cause unemployment and fall in the cultivation of tobacco farmers, receiving support from Honduras, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Philippines, Zambia, Mexico, Cuba and Ecuador.

The representative of the Dominican Republic also stated that the simple plain pack measure was against on the right of free trade advocated by the WTO. And it did not recognize the right of countries to protect public health.

Regardless of these arguments, New Zealand, Uruguay and Norway supported the decision of Australia and expressed themselves strongly in favor of the motion. The Australian Minister for Trade Mr. Craig Emerson defended his government’s position in the face of protests at the WTO Meeting:

The simple packaging legislation of the government of Prime Minister Gillard, is not “anti-trade” is anti-cancer! ” ”It goes against the interest of public health of the Australian people. Gillard and the government will never give up the sovereign right of Australia to decisions affecting the health of its people.”

Public Man concept:
The Public Man means under law of Democratic States is that one which represents the citizen and his life should be guided by transparency. One of the pillars of the democratic system is transparency. So to the public man, private interest can never override the public interest.


The Australian Trade Minister has given us, in a few words, the meaning of Public Man in an exemplary manner.
Just like a “Bat signal,” He has given us a sign of good repute, or as the Americans say, a kind of “bill of indemnity,”  in favor of the Australian people … But an example that spills into all of us!


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Australian News

The Domino Effect: Exposing COPD and Tobacco Risks

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The Domino Effect: Exposing COPD and Tobacco Risks

The Domino Effect: Exposing COPD & Tobacco Risks

Marcos Nascimento,MD

The term “domino effect” has been used since the 1950s to describe the potential for political unrest to become contagious, resulting in a chain reaction. The phrase took on special significance during the Vietnam Era, when it was used to propagate the idea that a communist victory in Vietnam might embolden other communists in the region, prompting them to topple their own governments.
Today, we see the same phrase taking on special significance in the Public Health when The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released a report last week, “Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2008,” confirming that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) became the third leading cause of death in the U.S. for 2008.[ it was the 4th death cause].
With this data above, we are confirming 9 years in advance, the WHO’s prediction that it would happen only in 2020!
In a large field of dominoes, a number of domino paths can topple at the same time, and careful placement of the dominos can set off an entirely new chain reaction elsewhere.
So, the Governments and WHO need careful placement of the dominos in:
1) To popularize the Spirometry! A test to make the COPD diagnosis and stop its worsening course- This simple measure would permit treat the majority of COPD patients who does not have the disgnosis.
2) Point to the need for additional resources to target COPD research and interventions;
3)Approach to smoking Control and therapy for smoking cessation that involves the systematic smokers in well-structured programs in health services, with the use of cognitive-behavioral and pharmacological support with multidisciplinary team.
4)Smoking is responsible for causing 50 other diseases besides COPD. The women Lung cancer curve continues high inclined. So, another carefull atention to these domino piece must be urgent because this presents a spillover risk from one domino to another through a so-called trigger provoked by the marketing strategy of tobacco industry.
5) The UN and WHO need to convince some countries as USA and Argentina not only sign but comply with the determinations of the Tobacco Framework Convention Treaty,for the welfare of their own populations and also for the respect with public money.

By putting these pieces of security, we will have the hope and the chance to preserve the pulmonary atmosphere for the today children and for the tomorrow’s citizens.

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)  Report: “Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2008;

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